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              In Memory of Ekaterina Voskresenskaya

Mikhail Voskresensky

In Memory of Ekaterina Voskresenskaya  This page is in memory of Ekaterina, Mikhail Voskresensky’s daughter, a brilliant pianist, who tragically died in a car accident in 1994.
Ekaterina Voskresenskay’s   short life had been striking and inspiring. Being born in musical family  on December, 20, 1964, she had been taking V.A.Aristova’s classes. She brilliantly entered the Moscow  Conservatoire and for 7 years (including her post-graduate courses) studied at outstanding pianist Prof.  Eliso Virsaladze’s classes. Here is how E. Virsaladze referred about her disciple:  << E. Voskresenskaya is of a real artistic nature. Her mastery image is defined by a deep grasp of an  artist’s intention and anxious performance. A surprising purity of Katia’s care for music, and astonishing will  of this delicate by looks girl could provoke nothing but sympathy. Much of those that Katia played yet during  her studies she managed to draw up to the highest artistic level. I believe Katia possessed a very  uncommon for young musician’s streak – not a note she played in an ordinary way and passing by; each  sound had a meaning for her, she passed and went through it emotionally. Katya had been nor only a  performer but also could had been considered a successor of the best traditions of our musical culture; she  managed to bring all those fascination created by former generations of Russian musicians with her and,  besides, introduced her own distinctive spirit of performance >>.  In 1987 together with a cellist Alexander Kniazev who became her husband later, Ekaterina Voskresenskaya  had won the First Prize at the International Competition of Chamber Music in Trapani (Italy).  Voskresenskaya was awarded with << The Best Accompanist >> Award at the 9th Tchaikovsky Competition  where A. Kniazev gained the Second Prize. In 1993 Prof. V. Krainev invited E. Voskresenskaya to assist him in his classes at the Moscow Conservatoire.  She won at once students’ confidence and respect with her tact, benevolence and honesty. She really had  been a splendid teacher. Ekaterina Voskresenskaya having had unusually keen ear and perfect congenital taste devoted her  extraordinary talent for chamber music. Voskresenskaya – Kniazev conquered the hearts of music lovers  both in Russia and numerous other countries. They toured in Italy, France Hungary, Britain, North Korea and  South African Republic. After A. Kniazev won the First Prize at Cellists’ Competition in Pretoria in 1992 so  many proposals rained on them …   Here below are what critics wrote on E. Voskresenskaya and A. Kniazev play:   << Robert Schumann’s opus 73, a piece originally written for clarinet and the piano, continues the romantic  traditions of Schubert and Weber. Its new musical transcription has made a refined dialogue between the  exquisite sounds of the piano – bravo Miss Voskresenskaya! – and the sensual cello interpretation made by  Alexander Kniazev. >> [A Passionate Duat, Derniers Nouvelles d’Alsace. Festival in Colmar, France]   << Alexander Kniazev and Ekaterina Voskresenskaya … Two years ago this duet got the first Prize at the  Chamber Music Competition in Trapani for their interpretation of Schostakovich Sonata opus 40. The Italian  music lovers still remember their success. Now there comes another possibility of listening to the  unforgettable music written by Schostakovich and performed by the gifted duet. The interpretation given by  Alexander Kniazev (cello) and Ekaterina Voskresenskaya (piano) has confirmed once again a good  reputation of this young and talented duet. There was no end to the applause. Bach’s immortal music  presented in a very refined manner by the Soviet musicians was played by them as an encore piece. >>  [An Elegant Duet: Piano and Cello, Sara Potera, Giornale di Sicilia, Parlermo, Italy]  << Last night’s performance by the visiting Russian duo, Alexander Kniazev (cello) and Ekaterina  Voskresenskaya (piano), was an outstanding musical experience for all concerned. A cello recital is rather  rare for us in East London but even rarer is the consummate unity if this duo’s performance in relation to  interpretation, dynamics, phrasing and the very subtle relaxing and pushing on the pace of the music. The  two became one and the resulting product was musically totally convincing.   Both musicians are accomplished performers in their won right but they have combined their talents to form  an ensemble capable of the most intimate and sensitive interaction which is essence of this type of music.   [Chamber Duo in Memorable Recital, I.K. Samson, Daily Dispatch, on March 9, 1994 Republic of South  Africa]  This last review was published 6 days before the tragic death of and Ekaterina Voskresenskaya in the car  accident near Pretoria in South Africa.  This CD commemorated live recordings of Ekaterina Voskresenskaya and Alexander Kniazev. The Sonatas by  Beethoven and Shostakovich were recorded in Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow during the second round  of the 9th Tchaikovsky Competition in 1990. The Franck’s Sonata was recorded in Great Hall of Moscow  Conservatoire the recital on May 13, 1990. 
This memorial disk commemorates live recordings of Alexander Kniazev and Ekaterina Voskresenskaya.  Locatelli and Shostakovich’s Sonatas had been recorded in 1992 in Pretoria. Two parts of the Beethoven’s  Third Sonata were recorded during the concert in the Big Conservatory Hall (1990). First part of the  Prokofiev’s Sonata was played at the Tchaikovsky Competition in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in 1990. The  Debussy’s sonata unfortunately only in mono recorded at a TV performance.  1 - 3  P. Locatelli - Sonata for cello and piano d-major 2 - 5  L .Beethoven - Sonata No.3 for cell and piano op.69 6 - 8  C. Debussy - Sonata for cello and piano D Minor 9       S. Prokofiev - Sonata for cello and piano op.119 10 - 13  D. Shostakovich - Sonata for cello and piano op.40 Alexander Kniazev - cello, Ekaterina Voskresenskaya - piano 1CD Aquarius AQ0016-2 (1997) Out-of-print
Play Full CD by clicking the orange ‘start’ button  and do use the ’next’ & ‘previous’ & ‘track list’  buttons. 1. L. Beethoven - Sonata No.5, D-dur, op.102 N2 for cello and piano 2. D. Shostakovich - Sonata d-moll, op.40 for cello and piano 3. C. Franck - Sonta A-dur for cello and piano Alexander Kniazev - cello Ekaterina Voskresenskaya - piano 1CD a-ram OCD009 [1994] Out-of-print
Play Full CD by clicking the orange ‘start’ button  and do use the ’next’ & ‘previous’ & ‘track list’  buttons.
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