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Prof. Mikhail Voskresensky

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JAN - DEC 2017
Kirov (Russia) Beethoven 2nd concerto with Viatka Symphony, conducted by Konstantin Masluk Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory  Taneev Concerto Es Dur and Beethoven 2-nd Concerto B Dur with The Concert Orchestra of Moscow Conservatory Conducted by Anatoly Levin Recital to 100th anniversary of Emil Gilels in the Golovanov Museum Master classes in Scriabin Conservatory in Paris France Master classes in St Peterburg House of Music Abonement "Great professors of Moscow Conservatory " Rostropovich-lecture Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory   Concert to the Sviatoslav Richter Memory (his birth day):M.Voskresensky and his pupils Y.Favorin, S.Koudrikov, A.Kurbatov,Nguyen Kim Ngan,M.Turpanov with The Concert Orchestra of Moscow Conservatory conducted by An.Levin Program: - Schnitke Concerto for 4 hands and orchestra - M.Voskresensky and  Y.Favorin - Bach Concerto for 3 pianos and orchestra C Dur - S.Koudriakov,Nguyen Kim Ngan,   M.Turpanov - Bach Concerto for 4 pianos and orchestra a moll - M.Voskres.,S.Koidriakov,Nguyen   Kim Ngan and M.Turpanov - Kurbatov Concerto for 4 pianos and orchestra e moll, op.38. First performance -   Premiere:   M.Voskresensky, A.Kurbatov,Y Favorin, M.Turpanov click to zoom Rewarding of M.Voskresensky by The State Order of Friendship in Bolshoi theater   Bach 3 concertos for 2 pianos with the Chamber Orchestra "Vremena goda" ("Seasons") conducted by Vladislav Bulahov, M. Voskresensky and Natalia Bogdanova, Hall of the house of Composers 2 concerts in Bogota (Columbia) recital with Russian program and Taneev Concerto Es Dur with Russian National Orchestra Recital in Saint Domeneuc - Bretagne, France Schubert 6 moments musicaux Beethoven Sonate c moll op.13 "Patetique" Haydn Sonate e moll Brahms 4 Klavierstucke op119 Abonement "Great professors of Moscow Conservatory " David Oistrakh  - Lecture Maly (Small) Hall of Moscow Conservatory Recital in a memory of Ekaterina Voskresenskaya - the same program France May 6 Master classes in Bruckner Conservatory in Linz, Austria Shenzhen International piano concerto competition Member of Jury Master classes in Toho University (Tokyo) Piano week in Ollerup, Denmark, 26 Recital with Chopin program Alion Baltic Festival in Tallin master classes and recital on the 31 of July                      Program Chopin Rondo op.1 2 nocturnes op.15n2, op.27 n1 Polonaise Cis moll op.26 n1 Fantasy- impromptu op.66 Ballade n1 op.23                    3 mazurkas op.50 6 etudes from op.25 nn 1,2,6,7,11,12 Bergen aan zee  - The International Hollland Music Sessions Master classes Arona, Italy Piemont recital Chopin program and master classes China tournee  Xian, Wuhan, Iichang, Harbin, Shanghai, Shenzhen - Chopin Program Rondo op.1 Polonaise op.26 n 1 Nocturne op.27 n 1 Ballade g moll,                 6 etudes op.25 nn1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 12 3 mazurkas op.50 Sonate h moll op.58 Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory  Beethoven Choral fantasy op. 80 with concert orchestra and chamber choir of Moscow Conservatory conductor Anatoly Levin Mexico City Beethoven 5-th concerto for piano and orchestra Es Dur op.73 conductied by Eduardo Garcia Barrios Yaroslavl (Russia) Recital with Chopin program Maly Hall of Moscow Conservatory Recital with Chopin program Master classes in Yale University (USA) Master classes in Toho University in Tokyo
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