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              AGENDA 2014

Prof. Mikhail Voskresensky

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JAN - DEC 2014
Master classes Master class in Budgosczs Poland Concert Festival "Autour de Stravinsky" Concert of the pupils of Voskresensky in the New Hall of Sciabin Museum Concert & Master classes Recital in Sankt-Peterburg English Hall of House of Music Master classes Concert & Master classes Festival and master classes in Sanok (Poland) Master classes Personal master class Dubna (Sience city Dubna - Moscow) weblink: www.artdubna.ru Concert Small Hall of Moscow Conservatory - Chamber Music concert "In memory of Ekaterina Voskresenskaya" Schubert Sonata a moll for violin and piano Catoire Sonate poem N2 for violin and piano Tatiana Porshneva (violin) M.Voskresensky (piano) Shostakovich Piano quintet M.Voskresensky, T. Porshneva, Tatiana Breslavaskaya (2 violin), Alexei Yanenko (viola), Ilia Pashinzev (cello) Concert & Master classes & Piano Competition Recitals in Takamatsu and Kasama Japan Beethoven Sonate N25 op.79 Mozart Fantasie K475 and sonate c moll K457 Schumann Papillons op.2 and Fantasie C dur op.17 Master classes in Kasama. Member of Jury in Takamatsu Int. Piano Competition. Concert Class Concerts of Pupils of Moscow conservatory Concert Great hall of Moscow Conservatory Chopin Recital 2 polonaises op.26 N1, op.40 N2 5 mazurkas op.6 N1,2 op.7 N1,2,3 3 nocturnes b moll op.9 N1, Fis dur op.15 N2, cis moll op.27 N1 Ballade N1 g moll op.23 6 etudes from op.25 Scherzo N2 b moll op.31 2 valses op.34 N2 and 1 Polonaise fis moll op.44 Piano Competition Chairman of Jury of Scriabin Int. competition in Paris Master class Master classes in Budgosczs Concert Recital in Liege Belgique Beethoven Sonate op.79 Mozart Fantasie K475 Schumann Papillons op.2 Chopin Polonaise cis moll op.26 N1 Chopin 5 mazurkas Chopin Nocturne b moll op.9 N1 Chopin Ballade N1 Piano Competition Member of Jury of Shenzhen Piano Competition (China) Master classes Master class in Toho Gakuen School Tokyo Japan. Master classes Dubna (Russia) Master class July 20-26 Concert & Master classes Olerup (Denmark) recital and master class Piano Competition Fashon (China) chairman of Jury of Chopin Int. Competition for young pianists Concert Christchurch (New Zeland) Ravel Concerto for left hand for piano and orchestra Concert Moscow- Concert for memory of Leonid Nikolaev - Russian Conductor Piano Competition & Concert  Hong Kong -member of Jury of International Piano Competition Concert with Dvorak Piano Quintet with Tigran Alikhanov, Gary Graffman and Mikhail Voskresensky. Click here for more info. Concert Recitals in Germany November 7, Stuttgart, Matthauskirche 5 pm November 8, Konigsfeld, Samstags konzerte 4 pm November 9, Blaubeuren, Klosterkonzerte 5 pm November 15, Hohentwiel, Singen am  7 pm   Program: Beethoven Sonate N25 op.79 G major Mozart Fantasie c moll K 475 Sonate C dur K 330 Chopin  5 mazurkas op.6 N1,2 and op.7 N 1,2,3 Ballade g moll op.23 Schumann Papillons op.2 Fantasie C dur op.17 Master classes Master classes in Toho Gakuen School Tokyo Japan.  
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