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Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 in B flat minor, Op. 23 Performer: Tatjana Nikolajewa (Piano) Conductor: Kurt Masur Orchestra: Gewandhausorchester Leipzig. Performance Date: Apr 1959. Leipzig, Bethanienkirche. 1CD 1993. Berlin Classics BC 0021342. Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No 2 in G major Op 44 Allegro brillante, Andante non troppo, Allegro con fuoco Nikolai Anosov (conductor). USSR State Symphony Orchestra. Concert Fantasia, for piano & orchestra (or 2 pianos) in G major, Op. 56 Quasi Rondo (Andante mosso), Andante cantabile - molto vivace Kyrill Kondrashin, USSR Radio Symfonie Orchestra. The LP records used a source material for this programme were issued circa 1951. Their rarity precluded the luxury of a choice of copies for the transfer process. every effort has been made to reduce extraneous noise withour compromising the integrity of the orginal recording. 1CD APR5666 APR. Released in 2008.   This CD presents two recording premieres – the first ever recording of the Tchaikovsky Concert Fantasy Op.56 and the first recording of the original version of Tchaikovsky’s 2nd Piano Concerto. At the time of its premiere, the 2nd piano concerto had been deemed too long and, until relatively recently, the work has always been performed in a drastically cut revision by the pianist Alexander Siloti. Here Nikolayeva reveals that not only was she an intellectual pianist but also a virtuoso who could ‘barnstorm’ with the best of them. Piano Concerto No.2 in G major Op.44 USSR State Symphony Orchestra / Nikolai Anosov Recorded in Moscow c.1951 LP: D 0749/50 Concert Fantasy in G major Op.56 USSR State Symphony Orchestra / Kyrill Kondrashin Recorded in Moscow c.1950 LP: D 403/4 Tchaikovsky Concert Fantasia, for piano & orchestra (or 2 pianos) in G major, Op. 56 Quasi Rondo (Andante mosso) Andante cantabile - molto vivace Tatiana Nikolayeva ,Piano Kyrill Kondrashin, USSR Radio Symfonie Orchestra. Recorded in 1950. Multisonic 310238. Released in 1994. Tchaikovsky Tchaikovsky - Concert for Piano and Orchestra op.56 "Concert fantasie" Tatiana Nikolayeva, Kyrill Kondrashin, USSR Radio Symfonie orchestre Recorded: 26.10.1950. Mono. Stravinsky - Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra Tatiana Nikolayeva, Evgeni Svetlanov, USSR Radio en TV Symfonie Orchestre Recorded: 01.06.1962. Mono. Vogue VG 651015 (1991) Tchaikovsky  Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor Op. 23 Tatiana Nikolayeva, piano. Vladimir Fedoseev, conducting. Tchaikovsky Memorial Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra Recorded live on June 20,1993 in the Symphony Hall, Osaka, Japan. JVC Victor Japan SVCD-1037 DDD 20bit K2 Super Coding (1994). Also as 2CD VICC-60617 (includes Tchaikovsky Symphony 'Patitique' op.74), and as 2CD VICC-40200 20bit K2 Super Coding (1993). Also VICC-60431 (10CD). Tchaikovsky & Bartok Béla Bartók - Concert for piano and orchestra No.3 in E major Piotr Ilytch Tchaikovski - Concert for piano and orchestra No.2 op.44 Tatiana Nikolayeva (piano) Nikolai Anosov (conductor), USSR Radio Symphony Orchestra. Recording date: 1948 - 1949. Dante HPC 158 [1999]. Historical Piano Collection. Tchaikovsky  Grande Sonate G-Dur/sol majeur op. 37 1 Moderato risoluto 2 Andante non troppo quasi moderato 3 Scherzo: Allegro giocoso 4 Finale: Allegro vivace Walzer in As-Dur/la bemol majeur. aus op. 40 Nr. 8 5 Tempo di valse Valse a 5 temps D-Dur/re majeur. aus op. 72 Nr. 16 6 Vivace Recorded in 1991 and released on Relief in 1992. Lyadov & Tchaikovsky Lyadov Op.51 Variations on Polish Folk Themes Op.21 On the Ancient Tome Op.44 Barcarole op.354 Variations on Glinka's Theme Op.10-1 Prelude in D flat major Op.11-1 Prelude on B minor Tchaikovsky Op.10-1 Nocturne in f major Op.10-2 Humoresque in G major Walz scherzo in A major Volunteers' Fleet, March Impromptu-Caprice in G major Lyrical Moment 1CD. JVC Victor VICC-2143. Released in 1994. Orginally released on Melodiya on vinyl.
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