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This section is under construction and will be completed / updated later this year.

The Fair Use portion of Copyright Law allows you to backup your vinyl records onto CDs for personal use.This makes it possible that you purchase for example a vinyl record, and allowing me to make a CD backup for you. I will not sell you a CD backup unless you also purchase the vinyl, so please don’t ask. I will respectfully remove any artist’s work from my catalogue if they so wish. Protect the Artist’s Copyright!

The vinyl LP will be acquired from my own collection or I will acquire from one of my record dealers if item is not in my collection, you can also send your own copy or send your Ebay purchase directly to me. By purchasing, you will permit me to create a CD copy of the LP for your personal use only. The complimentary recording so the CD backup of the LP is free. To reduce overall costst you can ask me not to send the purchased vinyl, but the CD backup only.

Each album has the following done when it's remastered to a CD: remove pops and clicks, hiss reduction, volume level, silence between tracks. To reduce overall costs a scan of the front and back album cover on insert is not included.

Please note that these are not commercial CDs.

Original EMI Plus CD release.
This is not a copy or CD-R.
Reissue of Jumpin' Jackie -
excellent sound.  
In stock: yes
Quantity: 5
Price: n/a  
Postage: free in Europe.
Outside Europe: please do inquire for pricing. 
Vinyl + CD backup

Stereo recording. Vinyl comes with European
'Hammond keyboard view' frontcover,
so not as pictured in the left.  
In stock: yes
Quantity: 2
Price: n/a  
Postage: please do inquire for pricing. 

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